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Standing Orders

1. Navigate to [ Ordering > Standing Orders ].

2. Select the Delivery Address (if multiple addresses are available)

3. Type to search the  Item you want to order; enter the quantities.

4. Click Add Item, or simply hit Enter and you are ready to type to search the next item.

5. Change the quantities of items already on order at any time.

6. If the Orderline of an Item is already closed for the applicable week is marked in black; should the quantity of a black box be changed, it will be the quantity for next week’s order. 

The Item Lead Time is displayed under clock left of Monday.

    • 0 – available the day after the order deadline
    • 1 – available the day +24 hours after the order deadline
    • 2 – available the day +48 hours after the order deadline

7. A Cart Order overrides an existing Standing Order and will mark the day in light blue.

8. Remember to Save changes once you are finished.

Standing Orders starting in the Future

We don’t currently have this feature, however, there is a simple work around: set a calendar reminder to send you an email.  Make sure you take into account lead times.

If the customer is not currently taking orders, you could set up the SO now and then cancel orders using the calendar until the start date.

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