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Tracking, Tracing & PoD’s

1. Requirements

You will need either a bluetooth scanner that connects to the phone where the app resides, or an all in one Zebra phone scanner.  

For delivering we recommend the Zebra.  Although more expensive, there are less moving parts, less things that can go wrong, for example Bluetooth disconnecting and so on.  

For packing, you may use one that plugs into the computer.

2. Install The App

The app only works on Android (for now, we estimate iOS to be released in August 2023).

3. Create Delivery Trays

4. Create Vendor

5. Configure The Trays

Stock > Ingredients > List > Edit Ingredient ]

Click on the pencil to edit the trays, then attach the Vendor and the purchase price.  We need this information to create a purchase order and bring the trays into stock.

6. Purchase Order for the Trays

[ Stock > Vendors > Shopping List > Purchase Order ]

7. Receive Trays

8. Print Barcodes

When you received the trays, the system automatically generated consecutive numbers, starting at 100,000,000,001

Click here to get a list of barcodes for printing.  You will need to format them accordingly to print on your label of choice.  Either make a copy of the document or copy paste.  Excel also generates barcodes, simply change the font to Libre Barcode 39.

The barcode is attached to the delivery tray.

9. Configure Packing Slips

[ Distribution > Settings > Packing Slip Template ],

  • The barcode identifies the address.
  • Scroll down to “Signature” and enable “Labels QR Code”, if desired. Scanning the QR code generates a human intelligible label for the box, including Customer Name + Box _ of _

10. Attach to a Customer

[ Batch Edit > Customer Addresses ]

Once the Packing Slip has been configured and saved, you must attach it to the desired customer(s). 

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