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Lead Times & Deadlines

[ Items / Master Catalog / Edit item ] & [ Batch Edit ]

Lead Times

An item’s lead time is the time required from order to delivery. In other words, the production time.

It may be set individually per item, meaning that you may close the orderline for one item at 9am and another at  2pm, for example.

Lead time
Next day (24hrs)
48 hrs
72 hrs

Same Day Deliveries

Streamline supports same day deliveries.  These must be configured as follows:

1. Edit an item to allow same day delivery.
Edit an Address to allow ordering for same day delivery.
3. Edit the Address’s items to be able to order said item.

The logic behind this is that a customer may have multiple delivery addresses.  As such, we may be able to do a same day delivery for a specific item for the address next door to our operation, but not to the address which is a hundred miles away.


Deadline is the time the Snapshot runs.

The generic deadline must be set in [ Production / Settings ]

An item may have its own, individual deadline and it must be before the generic deadline. Set in [ Items / Master Catalog / Edit Item ] and [ Batch Edit ].

Snapshots trigger at deadline and close the order-line, meaning customers can no longer make changes to items that have gone into production.

Snapshots also generate Unprocessed invoices, taking the current price for the customer. 

Note that editing a price on any screen after snapshot will not edit the Unprocessed Invoice.  You must edit the Unprocessed Invoice itself (bear in mind that it will only edit the specific invoice and not the price set for the customer).

Deadlines are drilled to the customer in every order screen, packing slip and confirmation email.

Customers who usually call to place Late Orders, begin to respect order deadlines when they start using Streamline.

Lead Times & Deadlines in layman terms

[TODAY], after deadline:

1. An item with a lead time equal to 0 can not be ordered for [TOMORROW].
2. An item with a lead time equal to 1 can not be ordered for [DAY AFTER TOMORROW].
3. An item with a lead time for 2 can not be ordered for the subsequent day and so on.

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