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Conversions are used to accurately generate recipes, as well as track costs and inventory replenishment, among other tasks.

Conversions are needed for the system to relate one UoM to another. 

We only call for you to enter a conversion when you use an Ingredient in a different UoM from the one(s) already entered.

1. Conversions you enter are ‘bespoke’ and specific to an Ingredient. These are listed and may be edited  in Conversion > Edit Ingredient ].
If the ingredient or item is to be used in a Make to Measure or Baker’s Percentage recipe, be sure to add an conversion.

2. You may see a summary of all conversions entered in [ Stock > Settings > Unit of Measure – Custom Conversions ].

  • Using ingredients where NO conversion is set.
    If the conversion is not set, the ingredient will be mark as “Foreign” by default.

Using a Recipe as an Ingredient

  • Ingredients by the Each that do not have a weight measurement set in the conversions will cause the Recipe Book to have a correct weight measure and costing.
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