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Production & Depletion of Inventory

Mark Daily Recipes as Done

Recipes need to be marked as Done for inventory to deplete.

This can be done from both the Recipe Totals and the Recipe Card windows.

Once production is complete navigate to [ Production > Recipe Totals > By Distribution / Production Date ].

1. Select the recipes that were completed or select all at the top.

2. Items already in inventory should not be selected.

3. Select “Mark done“.

4. In the next window the Lot # is assigned and the following can be amended, if different from the default. Once finished select Ok.

A. Weight made.
B. Storage Location.
C. Lot #.
D. Use by date

5. The following message will be displayed in the top right corner if successful.

6. When marking a recipe Done, Ingredients are depleted from stock and added to the Shopping List.

7. By default the System use the Lot # with the nearest Use by Date when generating a Recipe Card

8. You may override our suggestion and assign a different one in [ Stock / Production > By Date > Recipe Cards ].

9. Note that if there is not enough of an ingredients in stock to complete a Recipe Card, the line will be split in two or more lines with additional Lot #, always in chronological Use by Date order, nearest first.

10. If you do not have sufficient stock level of an ingredient, the Recipe Card cannot be marked done and the Adjust Stock pop-up will be displayed indicating which ingredients are out of stock.

11. The process can be undone by selecting Undo.

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