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Locations in OptimoRoute

1. Manage your OptimoRoute Location directory in [ Administration > Locations ] then select Location Directory from the left menu.

2. If the location does not exist, it is automatically added to OptimoRoute during export.

  • When exporting orders from Streamline to OptimoRoute it will first compare an existing Location Id with streamline Address legacy Code.
  • It will compare the matching full address including Country.
  • If none of the conditions above is true, it will then add the new location and geocode the address to get the address location.

Add a Locations Manually

1. Click “Add location” and a form will appear or select the address to edit then click Edit locations, or simply double click the location Edit (This should open then location editor with a Map you can navigate).

2. Fill in the Name of the location and the location Id that matches the Legacy Code of  your streamline address you are pairing it with.

3. You can move the marker pin to the address location to automatically set the location coordinates.

  • Or if the marker pin is nowhere near the location you are trying to map or can’t find it in the map
  • You can simply input the address in the address field to find a matching location.

4. Click Save and the location that you encoded will be save as long as you placed the right information.

Delete a Locations

1. Choose the location you want to delete (in this case we want to delete GTZC7 & SS9507).

2. Click Delete locations”.

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