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Tips & Tricks

“Tab” and “Enter” – Hands off the mouse!

  • Hit the “Tab” key to navigate to the next field.
  • “Shift + Tab” takes you back up.
  • Hit “Enter” to “Add Item” etc.
  • “Tab” and “Enter” are very handy when entering orders – Standing and Cart.

“F11” Full Screen

  • “F11” at the top of your keyboard offers Full Screen.
  • Simply hit “F11” to exit full screen again.
  • “F11” should be used when submitting Feedback if buttons are not visible on the screen.

Repetitive Actions – Multiple Tabs

Example: you need to enter 5 Standing Orders.

  • From the customer dashboard, “CTRL+Click” (“CMD+Click” on Mac) the standing order link for every customer in question.  This opens up each Standing Order in a new tab in your browser.
  • Next, enter one standing order, then hit “Save”
    and move to the next tab.
  • While the former tab is saving, you may work on the others.
  • Now, point the mouse to the leftmost tab to close and click 5 times – all other 5 tabs will close.

“CTRL+Click” any link to open in a new tab.

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