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Failed Validations

When an import fails, you will be redirected to a page where you will be able to see exactly why validation has failed.

A red triangle will flash for as long as there are some orders in the “failed” folder.

1. Displays the list of all of the errors.


3. To be able to import, either fix all of the errors or accept them by cicking on the red dash in the “Accept / Reject “ column. 

2. If an item has multiple errors, click on the number in the “Errors” column to expand and view.

4. Alternatively remove a specific item by clicking on the trash icon in the far left column.

Fix All Errors to Complete Import:

    • Then click the green button “Process Order” in the header to import.
    • Orders with errors cannot be imported.
    • When multiple orders fail, move between by clicking one of the orange arrows in the header:
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