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Before & After Sending Data

Before sending the data to OptimoRoute

1. In this example I’ll be using
Distribution > Pick & Pack > Labels & Boxes ] to set the packaging type and send to OptimoRoute. Make sure that Pack under Table Column Visibility is enabled in order to set the pack.

2. We’ll be using the date “27-11-2022” for this demo. Once everything is settled. Click save and then hover to More and then click Send to OptimoRoute.

After sending the data to OptimoRoute

1. Head over to OptimoRoute website, Log in, and click Plan & Optimize. You will be greeted with a bunch of information and buttons in the screen.

2. For now we will focus on Selecet date: DD-MM-YY

3. Clicking the date will display a date picker. Blue Highligted Dates correspond to a data that have been imported. This can be disabled by toggling the Show dates with orders button below. In this example I will be choosing “27-11-2022” since that was the date I choose to sent to OptimoRoute.

4. Upon clicking the date. The table will update based on the selected date. In this case it will be on “27-11-2022”
As you can see in the photo 24 Locks, ABC Furniture, Basket Base, and other customer pack was successfully imported to OptimoRoute.

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