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The Ordering Process

  • A Customer enters the page and can either start a new order or login/register by selecting the Profile button top right.
  • Start an order by selecting a Pickup location or by entering your Zip/Post Code under Delivery. If delivery is available for the applicable Zip/Post Code the Customer will continue to the storefront.
  • Delivery addresses are provided by the customer on registration. When we validate the postcode we automatically search for available addresses. If the address is not listed, the customer may update the fields.
  • The shopping cart displays the delivery address.
  • To edit an address, mouseover over the avatar icon and click Profile.
  • At Checkout, a summary of orders as well as the delivery address and date is provided. Payments are not processed while the page loads as the user will need to login to his payment account.
  • After verifying the details, the user clicks the Payment button at the bottom. Then be redirected to login to the Stripe payment portal.
  • Conversely, if the customer wishes to make changes, click GO TO ITEMS CATALOGUE which will go to the shopping cart page.
  • As for the customers who are unable to confirm their email due to the missing confirmation email, they may request to resend the email by logging in using the credentials they used during registration. They will then be taken to the email verification page where they can click RESEND CONFIRMATION  EMAIL.
  • If the user registered using an invalid email (in cases where they mistyped it), they can register again using their valid email.
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