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Delivery Notes / Packing Slips

There are two types of Packing Slips. Both offer bespoke messaging with every delivery.

1. Customisable Templates: [ Distribution > Settings > Packing Slips / Delivery Notes ].

    • Create your own template and attach by address.
    • These do generate before Snapshot and are clearly labelled if you generate them while the orderline is still open and orders are subject to change.

2. Set generic settings here: [ Distribution > Dispatch Dashboard > Packing Slips ].

    • These settings can be overridden at address level: hide/show delivery prices eg, driver collects cash on delivery [ Customer > Address > Edit ].
    • They are Snapshot sensitive, meaning that they do not generate until the orderline is closed.
    • Further, they will populate over time when they contain items with multiple lead times, as items go into production.
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