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OptimoRoute API Key

1. Hover onto [ Distribution > Settings > OptimoRoute ].

2. In order to export data from Streamline to OptimoRoute you must first generate and set your unique API key by login to OptimoRoute Official Webpage. (If you already have your OptimoRoute API key you can skip this step).

3. Login to your OptimoRoute app then navigate to [ Administration > Settings ].

4. Expand Account on the left menu then select “Web service API”.

5. Check “API enabled” to generate an API key then copy the generated API key.
If it doesn’t automatically generate the API key then click “Regenerate API key“.

4. Go back to Streamline, [ Distribution > Settings > OptimoRoute ].

5. Paste your API key to the “OptimoRoute API key” field then click “Save”.

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