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Recipe Cards & Daily Summary

Recipes are generated daily in the following format from the Recipes stored in the Recipe Book.

Recipe Cards

    • A Recipe Card includes the full recipe with ingredients and instructions. These may be used for HACCP compliance, for example, recording temperatures at given points in the process.
    • A Cut & Shape section of every item to be made from the recipe.
    • It also includes the items to be made from the recipe.
    • It lists all other recipes that call for this recipe, and the amount for each one.
    • One card is printed per Recipe.
    • You may ‘mark -up’ the required yield by either a percentage or a fixed amount.
    • Cards can be printed with or without markup.
    • The card can be used to mix and stays with the mix, stanting what needs to be made from the Recipe.

Daily Summary

    • In contrast to Recipe Cards, the Daily Summary only displays the amount of each ingredient to be mixed and does not show the items to be made, nor the recipes that call for the recipe.
    • Same as Recipe Cards, it displays the suggested Lot # of the ingredient (the one with the nearest use by date).
    • All the recipes are printed together, to save paper.
    • This report works well for the Mixer.
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