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Inventory Management

Items in the Master Catalogue can either be products made and sold on the same day OR inventory items that have a certain shelf life, produced in batches and “pulled” from stock as needed.

E.g. Vegan Brownies – made in a batch of 35, stored in the kitchen fridge with a shelf life of 5 days.

An item can be set as an Inventory Item in the Item file – navigate to [ Items > Master Catalogue ].

Select the Edit pencil for the applicable item.

A. Scroll down to the Show in Production  Planner  section and select the checkbox.

B. The initial default UoM.

C.  Conversions can be added.

D. Other information necessary for proper inventory management can also be provided.

Images can be added in the edit item page and the description field is also available in Items > Master Catalogue > Batch Edit ], but images are not.

IMPORTANT: Images should be as small as possible ideally around 50k or less. Higher memory images will affect your customer’s page loading times.

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