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Feedback & Errors (Bugs)

Businesses deal with problems everyday and so do we.  We are human.  This section is important because it ensures that you get fast customer service.  The quality of your feedback messages is key.

Expect errors in Streamline.  It is part of our service to fix these errors in a timely manner.  

Three main types of errors:

1. Software Error is one in the code. These may occur after an upgrade if we have missed it in testing.

Our engineers react to error feedback as an absolute priority.

2. Data Error occurs when data becomes corrupt.

3. Communication Error may happen when there is broken communication between the server and your browser. eg Error 500: it happens when the software is being updated.

    • Sometimes, errors are due to configuration settings which have not yet been addressed.
    • They may also occur because data has not imported correctly. You may have experienced similar situations in Excel.
    • Don’t worry, give us the feedback and they will soon dissipate and everything will run smoothly.  It is part of the service.
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