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The Recipe Book

  • Recipes are organized in groups.
  • Click & drag recipes and recipe groups around to match production logic.
  • A recipe may be used as an ingredient in other recipes. Also items from the sales catalogue.
  • Recipes take allergen and nutrition information from ingredients used.

There are three types of recipes:

    • Make to Measure Make any desired quantity eg Soup, dough or a sauce.
    • Book Recipes: Make exactly as the book says. eg Cakes: 2 cups of sugar, 2 eggs. Don’t change the quantity.  Make it according to the book.
    • Baker’s Percentage: Similar to Make to Measure, this is a method used to adjust the hydration of a dough Learn more…
  • Customer orders generate  Recipe Totals and in turn, Recipe Cards.
  • When the total to make exceeds the capacity of the machine, the recipe is split into multiple mixes.  Set the default to:
    • equal mixes,
    • max mix + balance
    • or set manually.
  • You may request a buffer (an additional amount) in percentage terms.

Recipe cost is calculated as you build the recipe, taking the current cost of the ingredients.

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