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Exporting Report

For an invoice to be exported successfully, the customer in the invoice as well as all of the items have to exist in your QBO account prior to exporting. If the export fails because either customer or any of the items don’t exist in QBO.

Part 1 -2. Lists all of the items and customers that do not exist in QBO which caused export to fail. You can choose to export them by clicking on the “Export missing and try again” button which will do the same thing as what you can do described in section Exporting items and Exporting customers and will try to export the same invoices again. If those items and customers exist in your QBO account, you can choose to pair them instead of exporting them by clicking “Pair” at the top of the page. Pairing items and customers is described in sections Pairing items and Pairing customers.

Part 3. Lists all various errors that may appear because of additional validation that QBO does for exporting invoices (e.g. invoice number already exist).

Part 4. Lists all invoices that failed to export for reasons listed in Parts 1, 2 & 3.

All invoices that were successfully exported will be in a separate section colored green

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