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3 ways to add Ingredients (Raw Materials):

1. [ Stock > Ingredient List > Add Ingredient ].
2. [ Stock > Ingredient List > Batch Edit > Add Ingredient ].
3. Import a batch of ingredients on this template (Accessible in [ Stock > Ingredient List > More > Import ] )

One ingredient may have more than one variation, e.g. purchased from different suppliers or different pack sizes.

When adding ingredients the following information is crucial for proper stock management.

  • Name.
  • Group.
  • Correct calculation of the price per UoM.
  • Conversion to gram and default UoM.
  • Supplier/Vendor.
  • Order lead time.
  • Shelf life (days).
  • Legacy code, Accounting Code, and Tax on purchase.
  • Storage Location.

The more thorough the initially entered information is, the easier operations will be going forward – e.g. add variations, allergens, etc.

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