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The Production Planner

There are two production planners: Items and Recipes. They both allow us to see how much of an item or recipe we have in inventory, and how much is required during a specified date range. We suggest making the deficit between the two. 

Select the item or recipe, and mark done.  Lot # and Use by dates will be generated automatically.

Produce Stock in Production Planner

Navigate to [ Production > Production Planner > Items / Recipes ].

1. Enter the amount you want to make. If the item is made by a  Book Recipe – enter the amount produced in one batch.

2. Pull the batch to the date it should be produced.

3. Generate the recipe card.

4. Mark “Done”.

A Lot # and Use By date are assigned. They can be amended, if different from the default.

    • The stock is now available.
    • The above process can be undone per user.
  • Filter
  • Select the item or recipe .
  • Save to Shortcuts.

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